Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on Guatemala

This is a great country with a lot going on. Nevertheless, I am still amazed with the behaviour of the business class and the ideological content of public debate. Today an influential talk show quoted the Heritage Foundation and criticized a small expansion of public debt... in the midst of the crisis!

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Anonymous said...

The business class attitudes towards public matters is also interesting when it contributes to preserve patterns of discrimination. In a personal interview with a very successful entrepreneur, he affirmed that he would not hire brown-skinned people coming from poor rural areas, because they are lazy and reluctant to do hard work. Interestingly, this opinion contrasted hugely with the opinion of the rest of the population, which in most cases affirmed that indigenous people are the ones who work harder but they are also exploited due to their poor education and self-esteem; non-indigenous people have 'more dignity'. In both cases, discrimination is preserved, though from very different perspectives. Elite's studies are important indeed.