Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More of the same: fear of the bad left

Costa Rica will celebrate elections in less than a month and the candidate from the left-wing Frente Amplio, Jose María Villalta is polling quite well. This could seem surprisingly, but it reflects how tired Costa Ricans are with the PLN in power and how weak is the traditional leadership of the opposition PAC. Costa Rica's main newspaper has become nervous and has responded with the traditional approach of the Latin American elite: warning again the evils of communist. Yesterday's editorial reflects the power of the traditional division between good and bad left and how Venezuela has become the old Cuba. It also reflects how difficult it is to create modern, progressive movements in Central America... even after Funes' experience in El Salvador. This type of approach weakens democracy and prevents serious discussion of alternative social and economic policies to take place.

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Dr. Bruce M. Wilson said...

There seems to be a general weakness in parties in CR, not just the PAC. Your comments on La Nacion's nervousness about a "left" party winning are right on the money.
The paper even refused to publish its own polling numbers this week because they do not present the results it was looking for.