Tuesday, October 27, 2020

More on my new book

Bloomsbury has kindly giving me access to the first few pages of my new book to share with everyone.  You can access them here; I hope you can read it and send me comments.  

The book is in both hardcover for libraries and paperback for those of you who may find it interesting.  I would really appreciate if you can distribute these details around!

Here you have some of the endorsements:

"A compelling case for the urgency of tackling inequality, in Latin America and the world, without falling into the temptation of a silver-bullet approach. Thanks to Diego's insightful book, we now have a better understanding of the policies, politics and history of Latin American inequality. This book will be useful to succeed in the battle against social injustice in the region." --Rebeca Grynspan, Ibero-American Secretary General

"This book, by one of the best experts on inequalities and social policies in Latin America... is a must read in an era of rising global inequality, which is only becoming worse with the COVID-19 pandemic" -- José Antonio Ocampo (Columbia University, former Under-Secretary General of the UN)

"This is an excellent work on the complexities of inequality in Latin America and the lessons we can learn from ideas, social movements, and policies developed in middle income countries to reduce income and wealth inequality. This very important book is a must-read both for scholars of development studies and Latin American politics as well as for practitioners seeking to reduce inequality in developing and developed economies." --Dr Néstor Castañeda, University College London

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